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  • 5XL (5XL is not available in pink, purple, red, navy or green)

All items are delivered FIRST CLASS to addresses within the (soon to be defunct) U.K.

This design commemorates the tragic tale of the faithful hound, Gelert. In the 13th Century, Welsh prince Llewlyn the Great had a palace in Beddgelert (an eponym of this story). As a keen hunter, he entrusted his favourite hound to protect his infant son whilst he went on a day’s hunt. Upon returning the prince was horrified to discover Gelert covered in blood with child’s cradle overturned and blood strewn across the walls, the prince in his rage drew his sword and slayed Gelert through his heart who in turn let out a mighty yelp as he died at his master’s feet which provoked a hidden infant’s cry in the dark corner of the room. It was there he discovered an enormous wolf Gelert had killed protecting his son. It was said the grief stricken prince never smiled again.


100% premium cotton.

All t-shirts are embroidered to order at my home in Merthyr Tydfil.

Delivered in biodegradable packaging. 


100% cotwm premiwm.

Mae pob crysau-t yn cael eu frodio’n benodol i’ch archeb yn fy nghartref ym Merthyr Tydfil.

Danfonwyd mewn pecyn bioddiraddadwy.


This design is a collaboration between Tropical Wales and Welsh artist Ffion Powell.


Size Chart - Chest Size - Inches:

Siart Maint - Maint y frest - Modfedd:


S - 34-36”

M - 38-40”

L - 41-43”

XL - 44-46”

2XL - 47-49”

3XL - 50-52"

4XL - 53-55"

5XL - 56-58"

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